Born in Beijing, Mr. Alan Sha immigrated to Canada in 2000. Starting at a young age, he learned photography from his dad, and then a master who worked in a newspaper organization.


Mr. Sha excels in portrait-shooting, capturing and depicting inner feelings and showcasing different aspects of life. In his pursuit of a unique style, Alan spends every effort to purely focus on the process of creation, abandoning restrictions and judgment standards.


Assiduity, perseverance and innovation have always been Alan’s self-requirements. He consistently reminds himself to produce new photos every day in black and white and color. Then he singles out the best 18 pieces of work from the 60 pieces every month. It has been a habit for him for many years without interruption even when he was on holiday and on journey.


Magnificent scenery of upsurge can seldom be found in Alan’s pieces of works. He focuses on little scenes and tiny feelings. However, these seemingly random shootings were brimming with his meticulous observation of life and his unique visual perception, expressing his reflection and affection toward life around him.


In today’s world of all-pervading popularity of digital photography, Mr. Sha has always maintained his passion for film photography while he is producing digital works at the same time. As a member of the only darkroom club (West End Photography Club) in the Great Vancouver, he continues taking the snaps with the most original photographic technique and insists on developing and printing in the darkroom, contributing to the continuation of ancient photography.



A Member of :

Canadian Association for Photographic Art

West Vancouver Community Arts Council

West End Photography Club



Mr. Sha has a craze for camera collections for the purpose of research and study. Over the past decade, he has collected hundreds of cameras, modern and antique.


With vivid and effective teaching style, Mr. Sha is able to drastically improve students’ photographic skills within a short period of time even though they are completely new to the school of photography.


While preserving the aesthetic quality of photos, Mr. Sha is able to design specific plans upon request, highlighting unique features requested by each customer.


Portraits, child photography, wedding photography, business photography, event photography and private gathering photography etc. are all available upon request.